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I just want to start off saying that I am thankful everyday for finding Jennifer. I'm not sure where things would be if I didn't find her, and there is a reason why I did. My son now 10 years old has been seeing and dealing with spirits since he was a toddler. There was one spirit boy who was a part of his Jayson's life up until about a year ago now. My son said his name was Kevin. He was about the same age as my son and Kevin was a practice joker. He also would interfere in my sons daily routines, school and sleeping. Jayson had him constantly in his ear with negative gestures and with Kevin starting off playful but then ending not so playful out of jealousy before he was sent to the other side. I as a mother felt so helpless,scared and exhausted from not sleeping. My sons personality changed and it was very scary. He basically failed third grade, and was just a complete disaster with anxiety until we got handle of the situation thankfully from Jen. With countless appointments and Jen giving us the tools we needed to get through this difficult struggle along with a colleague of Jens named Dona who is a spiritual healer we were all able to solve this. I could write pages of what we dealt with as a family. Thankfully my husband and myself were completely on the same page and open to this whole situation to get Jayson feeling better, We were determined to find answers and not wanting medication involved, and never needing to medicate Jayson in anyway. Jayson is a very sweet,very sensitive and active young boy who has a special ability that I for one am super proud of. I also use him to guide me with certain situations because of this special talent not many know of. Jayson started sharing what he can do which is hear spirits, (good ones), and more importantly and totally son sees angels, and orbs. I wish i could!!! I am thankful everyday for my sons special ability. If there comes a time where he/we come across a bad spirit we are now able to know how to rid them!

We are now living in S. Carolina due to a job transfer and my son Jayson is doing amazing. His anxiety levels are low and he does not hear from Kevin any longer. However he sees countless angels guiding him, he also talks to his pal Gabriel who is his special Guardian. Thank you Jen as you are beautiful and amazing friend. You will always share a special place in our hearts and we could never thank you enough.


Laura and Jayson

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